2017 Board of Directors Elections

Board of Directors Elections 

On Friday, July 7 at Glendale Central Library we will hold our annual Board of Directors election meeting.

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GALAS has four board positions to fill; one treasurer and three nondescript board members.  Any community member can apply by writing us a one page cover letter (email) which covers the following:

  • Introduce yourself (personal and professional journey).
  • Tell us your vision for GALAS.
  • Tell us what skills and resources you will bring to achieve your vision.
  • Include one or more items from the SKILLS section (see below).

All application letters/emails must be submitted before midnight on Thursday June 30th.

Submit by emailing us at info@GalasLA.org. Please include BOARD ELECTIONS in the subject line.

What are we looking for in a board member?


  • Social media management / graphics / IT
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Content creator/reposter/commentator
  • Communications, letter writing, composing press releases
  • 18-34 years old Community outreach liaison
  • 35+ years old Community outreach liaison
  • Business outreach liaison
  • Political outreach liaison
  • Religious outreach liaison
  • Armenia liaison
  • Event organizing, partnering
  • Professional skills –
    • attorney, grant writer, contract reviewer, well connected/celebrity
  • Administrative skills –
    • office management, customer service
  • Project leaders for “Create LGBTQ Icons”, YouTube Channel

What does it take to be a board member? 
The board generally meets every other Sunday from noon-2PM and as required. Occasional phone and email communication with the rest of the board is to be expected. Each board member is asked to propose initiatives that support GALAS’ mission (at least one), garner approval, secure funding and realize the initiative successfully by spearheading all efforts, asking for assistance and guidance as needed. Additionally, each member is asked to publish at least one article for/from GALAS in a newspaper, a website or blog each year.

How do we reward ourselves?
Just the fruits of our labor is good enough, but we do offer some perks. As a GALAS board member, you’ll be invited to many LGBTQ, Armenian and other cultural/civic events, museum nights, conferences and exquisite parties around town. And every July, after the board election, we have the Annual Board Retreat. This year, all board members will spend a weekend in Palm Springs in mid July at the residence of one of our sponsors.



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