Rainbow Photo Circle Gay Rights PosterDear GALAS Family:


With your help GALAS’ 20th year is going to be our best year yet. As the longest standing Armenian LGBTQ organization, GALAS wants to continue to be at the forefront of LGBTQ acceptance within our community.

GALAS is ready to challenge the broader Armenian community to help bring visibility to LGBTQ experiences and cultivate acceptance for LGBTQ Armenians. Please consider being a monthly sustainer to help us accomplish the following goals within the following year:

  • Develop an outreach program for local high school students
  • Reinstate the GALAS Scholarship fund
  • Create a conference addressing Armenian families & LGBTQ acceptance
  • Host a phenomenal 20th anniversary gala
  • Continue organizing a variety of social events for our community & allies

As our community grows and evolves, we want to make sure that GALAS is at the communal table with all other Armenian organizations. GALAS is here to empower the Armenian LGBTQ community, to stand proud and not compromise all that we are. We have your back, and we hope you will have ours. Please consider being a monthly contributor today!


The GALAS Board
Erik Adamian
Lousine Shamamian
Mamikon Hovsepyan
Maral Karaccusian
Shant Jaltorossian

Donating to GALAS helps us maintain the resources and services we provide for the community.