SOLD OUT. Join GALAS for a Private Screening of “The Promise”. SOLD OUT.

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In coalition with leading Armenian organizations, GALAS is supporting the grassroots movement behind the groundbreaking film, The Promise. This epic film, the legacy of late Kirk Kerkorian, tells a beautiful love story engulfed in the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide.

As an inseparable unit of Armenian society, we must speak the truth in thousand ways until the Armenian Genocide is righteously recognized. Hence, we challenge you to bring a non-Armenian friend to see the film with us, to share our truth.

Date: Friday, April 21 at 8PM
Location: Arclight Hollywood
Tickets: SOLD OUT.

After the movie, join GALAS board members for a mixer where we will raffle off a movie poster signed by the film’s acclaimed director Terry George at the bar area inside the theatre.

To see the official trailer of The Promise click here.

We look forward to seeing you!

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