Past Events

02.16.2015 GALAS Radio Interview

We are very excited to announce that GALAS Board Members Harout Dimijian and Biayna Hairapetian were interviewed by Rita Gonzales on “The Out Agenda” on KPFK 90.7.  “The Out Agenda” examines today’s issues from the LGBT perspective, and GALAS was invited to discuss the issues facing the LGBTQ Armenian community in Los Angeles.  To listen to the interview download the podcast here.

02.09.2015 Brunch and Backgammon

GALAS hosted a very successful and entertaining “Brunch and Backgammon” event on Sunday, February 9th at Pacific Community Center during which new and long-time members had an opportunity to meet, talk about upcoming events, and a enjoy a friendly backgammon competition.  Among the attendees were representatives from Congressman Adam Schiff’s office, who wanted to connect with our organization in order to become more familiar with issues facing the LGBTQ Armenian community.  This continues the progress that GALAS has made this year in raising the organization’s profile in the Armenian American community.

After everyone enjoyed some Armenian coffee, pastries and food, we discussed what activities that members would like to participate in this year, ways to further raise the organization’s profile, and opportunities to volunteer.  Ideas for GALAS’ Pride booth were discussed, and anyone interested in helping plan the design and content of the booth should please contact us as soon as possible.  GALAS will also be planning a hike in the spring (details to follow).  Finally, the event concluded with a lively backgammon tournament, and we congratulate Andro on winning a new backgammon set as the Backgammon Champion!

11.15.2014 Annual GALAS Thanksgiving Dinner

The GALAS Board would like to thank the more than 60 people that attended our recent Thanksgiving potluck. There was plenty of delicious food and drinks, and the Board enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with so many of you. We would also like to thank everyone for their generosity, as GALAS raised over $1,000 that evening through a raffle featuring items donated by various members.We were heartened to see so many new and longstanding members, and we heard from many of you about the important work that still needs to be done in the community. We hope you will all join us in doing that work throughout the year by volunteering to take part in various events that we are planning.

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