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GALAS participates in Glendale Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Walk

On January 16, 2023, GALAS proudly joined the Glendale community in celebrating the work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 2023 Glendale Peace Walk gathered a coalition of local organizations dedicated to equality, including Black in Glendale, glendaleOUT, the Glendale Environmental Coalition, the Glendale Teachers Association, and the Glendale Tenants Union.

After a rousing rally at First Baptist Church of Glendale, the community proudly marched to the Glendale Civic Center. The event was capped with a festival featuring the various minority and underrepresented groups supporting the community.

GALAS remains committed to upholding Dr. King’s ideals and strengthening our solidarity with other marginalized groups. In his own words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

How do you practice Allyship?
Asking our community about allyship.

GALAS members with CA Senator Anthony Portantino.
GALAS members with CA Senator Anthony Portantino.

Congressman Adam Schiff at Glendale Peace Walk
Congressman Adam Schiff gave a beautiful speech.


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