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GALAS Academic Scholarships

GALAS’ academic scholarships have served as a critical resource for the LGBTQ+ Armenian community. We offer two scholarships: the GALAS Academic Scholarship and the Nyrie Sevan Gharibian Scholarship.

GALAS Academic Scholarship - $1,000 USD

This scholarship is for undergraduate or graduate students of Armenian descent who have demonstrated LGBTQ+ activism.

Nyrie Sevan Gharibian Scholarship - $1,000 USD

This scholarship is in memory of late artist, activist, and GALAS community member Nyrie S. Gharibian. Preference will be given to undergraduate and graduate-level college students of Armenian descent in the fields of Arts and Education.

There is one application for both scholarships. All applicants will be automatically considered for both scholarships. Due to logistical limitations, only students attending school in the United States will be able to apply, however you do not need to be a US citizen to apply.

Application due February 28, 2023. Recipients will be announced in March.

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